Samsara europe presents

Circles of Life

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3-11 August 2019


Deep Forest · Banco de Gaia · Hang Massive · The Spy from Cairo · Suduaya · Photosynthesis · Rinkadink · Egorythmia · Merkaba / Eve Olution · Kalya Scintilla / Eve Olution · Morten Granau · Technical Hitch · Shadow Chronicles · Ticon · Tripswitch · Juno Reactor · Side Liner · Cosmicleaf · Cydelix · Dedast · Chlorophil · Puti Putte · Lepque · Nameless City · Alpha Hypnotica · Beatman & Ludmilla · Dynamic Illusion · Richard Stonefield · Adis Abbé · LAN Project · Naudible · Indra · Monoman · Logical Elements · Hand of Damaru · Aeuum · Banjhakri · Aurorax · Calm Spirit · Cosmic Touch · DJ Hübërius Maximus · Paul Kwitek · Stereomantra · DJ Sanyi · Adam Salman · Efrat · Petar · Chemical Spoon Paya · Virtual Intelligence · Eltawave · Metaverse · R.min · Toge · Hruscsov · Botond · Tiaen · Miso · Fullip · Diane Lissza · Shura.ash · Ikoza · Parallel Dialog · Green Cosmos · Woody · Gra3o · HiBoo · Alphakey · Oleg · Cheeky · Szamy vs Henzi · James · Bellegance & Fraser · Yury · Psyletzky · Kezo · Lisa · Miso · Psymon ·

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Land Art Finissage Celebration
feat. Tilos Forest PsyJazz Nights

(Sat-Tue) 3-6 August

Samsara Festival

(Wed-Sun) 7-11 August

Dharma Garden Yoga Village

3-11 August

5th edition

MaJor improvements thanks to a new festival crew

·Bringing in own food/drink through gates allowed
· Lower prices in food shops, bars and grocery store in general
· Cheap Menza vegan food shop
· New Toilet infrastructure
· Kids’ playground is back with exciting programs
· Tilos Forest transforming to chill heaven
· New infrastructure for Alter stage including enough toilets
· Significant improvement in logistics
· New Security Team replacing last year's experience.

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How to get there

Make sure to stop at the Töreki Vendeglö to get your wristband and parking Tag! Töreki Vendeglö is visible on google map as The festival first stop. You can still find it here.
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Let’s all make this happen.

Prepare your Zero Waste Survival Kit at home!

Take a strong cloth bag or small backpack, and pack a soup plate, cutlery, mug or pint glass, water bottle, biodegradable soap and hygiene productsIt will be hot, so be sure not to forget your water bottle.

A real zero waste solution is to reuse your empty wine bottle at home: tie a string to the cork so you won’t lose it, and pull the bottle into a used sock or thin fabric sleeve against breaking. A shoulder strap fixed to the bottle neck let’s you carry it hands-free around. (If you need help, there will be water bottle workshops at the Zero Waste Info tent.

You will be able to refill your bottle any time at various points at the festival with filtered, potable water. We do not recommend reusing plastic water bottles for health reasons, and you will not be allowed to bring in mineral water in plastic (PET) bottles.

Beer! It is a music festival, so all sorts of drinks are consumed. We recommend you buy your favourite alcoholic beverage at our community bar in your own cup, but if you need to bring in your own beer, please buy bottled, and not canned beer. You can take the empty beer bottles back to the same shop where you purchased them and get your deposit back.
The bottles of other drinks (wine, spirits, etc.) can also be returned or placed in selective glass containers on the way home.  

When buying groceries, small single-use plastic bags for veggies and fruit can be avoided if you put them in paper bags found at the bakery section, or don’t use any bags, just pack everything out on the counter bare, and pack it straight into your backpack or shopping bag. 

You will be able to purchase all kinds of packaging-free products in our community store, but if you decide to buy food before the festival, prepare for shopping with resealable plastic containers, empty tins or glass jars. If a certain food cannot be purchased packaging free or with biodegradable packaging, then later you can place the contents into your container and discard the packaging in the proper selective bin. PET bottles, aluminium cans and plastic packaging account for the largest part of campsite waste at Samsara, so if you don’t want to carry too much trash back home, it could be effective to focus on these three. 

If you want to know more about zero waste issues during festivals or at home, you can find our partner organization Rendezöldj! near the Tilos Stage at the Zero Waste Info Tent. They are a local NGO dedicated to help design and implement zero waste festivals all around Europe.

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