About the 6th
On Tour Edition

Samsara 6th On Tour Edition goes to Peru and Brazil in April 2021.

Samsara 6th On Tour Edition is a community-based project with the
participation of local leaders and communities. Instead of tickets
you will need to apply for membership and pay a contribution
that is made as a donation to the village through the festival
that organises your experience in the forest
and also contribute to local projects and improvements in the rainforest of Acre..

We will organise your trip and coordinate it with local businesses
and services to make sure the wild forest will accept you and treat you well.

Yawa Bané & Huni Kuin Tribe hosting
Samsara Festival 6th On Tour Edition 
in Peru & Brazil 1-18 April 2021
Lima - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu
- Kaxinavá Indigenous Land, Acre

Samsara 6th On Tour Edition 2021 is a transformative “on the road” festival travelling 8 days from Lima in Peru deep into the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and then spend 10 days with shaman Yawa Bané and his Huni Kuin tribe in the remote village of Kaxinawá Indigenous Land at Tarauaca river. 

Our festival buses leave in the morning of 1 April 2021 and during the first 7 days we will see the world from the steep hills of the Andes Mountains along Paracas - Pisco - Nazca - Abancay - Ollantaytambo - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Puerto Maldenado - Assis. Entire journey with accommodation and food is included and organised by the festival.

We arrive in Rio Branco in Brazil on the evening of 7 April. Following day from Rio Branco we will have to fly the festival’s own small charter planes into the remote village Jordao - this round trip also included - since flight is the only way to get there. From Jordao to the Huni Kuin tribe village deep in the forest we will be transported in motorised canoes by the tribe.

After festival ends 18 April, visitors will be flown back to Rio Branco international airport at the festival’s cost. From here all visitors need to find their way home: domestic flight to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo or international flight back to Lima is recommended.

Long travel through time and space
The Amazon fires have done more than damage the lungs of the earth: they have and continue to threatening indigenous communities that live in the forest, too. However, Samsara 6th On Tour Edition will not travel to the northwestern Brazilian state Acre only to show solidarity with the local people but also to visit shaman Yawa Bané and his Huni Kuin tribe for a very special reason: The Amazon Rainforest is the largest reserve of medicinal plants in the world. 

Until today, traditional medicine remains the primary healthcare system in the Huni Kuin communities. The Huni Kuin people safeguard a broad knowledge of the local flora through a highly structured system of plant classification. Many plant species are used as medicines for multiple ailments, a knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years and is now beginning to be acknowledged by the rest of the world.
The festival is an opportunity to delve deeper into the jungle and better understand the connection between the Huni Kuin and the plant medicines. At this time, we will be under the guidance of experienced medicine men and women during the spiritual works with Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca) and other activities involving traditional forest medicines.

Firstly, a moment of deep concentration and visionary meditation where the medicine men perform traditional chants in order to draw strength, bring visions and lower the pressure. The second part of the ceremonies is marked by joy and movement with dances around the fire and songs played with guitars and drums. During ceremony, participants can experience a wide variety of effects that inspire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual revelations and healings.

Beside Samsara music stage and yoga workshops,
other cultural activities include:
Hãtxa-kuin (local language) class
Kene (sacred geometry)
Weaving, pottery, basketry, body painting workshops
Agricultural practices and visit to local fields
Local cuisine with Huni Kuin traditional dishes
Huni Meka songs workshop
Storytelling circle
Traditional Huni Kuin games
Arts and Handicraft market

Medicine workshops conducted by the tribe:
Hike through the forest and medicinal gardens
Healing songs circles
Local medicinal practices workshops
Baths and smudging with medicinal herbs
Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca) ceremonies
Kãpun vaccine introduction
Dume deshke (rapé) circles
Traditional medicinal practices

Food and accommodation
Free camping inside the festival area with tent, hammock or sleeping bag.
The Huni Kuin have a broad variety of delicious and healthy dishes.
We invite visitors to try the forest diet with local and organic foods
as part of of deep detox and healing. Two meals per day is included.

TIckets = Membership
Instead of tickets visitors first need to register and apply for a year long membership.
The 2021 Samsara membership fee is 1680 € and gives free access to all other
Samsara events as well after Samsara 6th On Tour Edition in Peru and Brazil. 

What is included: 
bus, flight boat transport Lima-Rio Branco-tribe village-Rio Branco
shared accommodation, 2 meals per day
access to all festival music program and yoga workshops 

Not included:
International or domestic flights to Lima
International or domestic flights from Rio Branco
Jungle essentials: mosquito net, hammock, sleeping bag etc
Machu Picchu entry
travel insurance
donations to tribe at ayahuasca ceremonies and medicine workshops

Two ways of getting membership:
Email us for bank account number
Visit Lotus shop in Budapest, József körút 83

important note
All visitors participate in the expedition at their own risk.
Samsara and its organisers are not responsible for any accidents,
diseases, conflicts and any other unfortunate events that may occur
during the adventure.