Q: Is there an Accessible toilet?
A: Yes, an accessible toilet will be right behind the Tilos Stage (in the Market street) to accommodate to Samsarians with physical disabilities.

Q: Will there be a bus to take me from Ozora to Samsara?
A: Yes, our shuttle buses will be waiting for you outside the Ozora gates. Get a ride for 10 euros. Check the travel page for the schedule of the buses.

Q: Is there a Quieter camp site?
A: Yes, Zone 1 is your camping site of choice if you prefer to enjoy a more quiet festival experience. Zone 1 is located on the first field, right after entering the festival area.

Q: is there a Pharmacy around?
A: Yes, in the nearby village, Siófok. Kiliti Pharmacy is open between 8am to 5.30pm, Friday to Thursday. Saturday 8am to 12pm. Closed on Sundays.

Q: Are there Atms around and what currencies are accepted and who accepts card payments?
A: The nearest ATM is located in Siófok. Hungarian Forint, Euros and credit cards are accepted at the ticketing point and in the festival area. But, for the Dharma Menza & all purchases in bars it is necessary to convert those currencies into Dharma Tokens. X-change office is located right in the middle of the market street. Shops will only accept cash payment.

Q: Are there any lockers or safes?
A: Yes, at Lost & Found you will find lockers for your valuables.

Q: Are there charging points?
A: Yes, it will be possible to charge electronics onsite.

Q: Is there a common kitchen?
A: Yes. We are excited to introduce our Dharma Community Kitchen in which you will be able to prepare any food items that you brought to the festival area or bought in our supermarket.

Q: What do you mean Plastic free, what about water?
A: Being a festival with really good intentions, we would like to encourage all our visitors to adopt the same mindset and help us towards becoming a Zero Waste festival. You can do this by bringing your own non disposable plates, teacups, cutlery and drinking bottles from home. Should you forget your tools for feeding yourself, our cutlery shop will offer a basic survival kit for 2€. We do allow you to bring your own drinks & foods into the festival area, but all visitors are kindly asked not to bring anything that is wrapped in any non-disposable material (such as plastic or aluminium). Such items will be confiscated at the gate if in big quantities. Due to the fact that no trash bins or cans/waste collecting spots will be available onsite, each visitor will also have to purchase a 10€ trash bag when entering the festival area. The fee will be refunded in full when the same bag - no matter empty or full - is returned once you leave the festival area.

Q: Rules for pets?
A: All pets are very welcome. For pets safety and owners sanity, it is necessary to register them upon arrival. We kindly ask you to provide name of pet, name of responsible human, and a phone number to reach you on.

Q: Rules for children safe zones?
A: There will be kids corner for kids at the Children's Playground.

Q: What are my Transportations option to Samsaraland?
A: Check the Travel page.

Q: Are there any Tents for sale or rent?
A: Yes, there will be a limited number of domes for rent. These “bubbles” can accommodate up to four people (2 adults & 2 children), and you will have mattresses. Check it out here.

Q: Food allergies, vegan options?
A: Our Dharma Menza is offering 80 percent vegetarian food with a 20% meat protein option. Vegan burger shop and grocery store will also be available. If you have brought your own supplies, the you have also the option to use our community kitchen!

Q: Once I have received my wristband, can I exit and enter the festival at any time?
A: By foot, you are free to walk as you wish. Exiting the festival area with your car can only happen once if you purchased a parking ticket for parking inside the festival area (zone 1-2-3). If you exit with your vehicle,  you will have to buy another parking ticket if you wish to re-enter the area again. If you are aware that you would like to make daily excursions with your car, we strongly recommend to choose the free parking option, as we aim to make Samsaraland free from traffic.

Q: Onsite medical care?
A: Yes

Q: Bicycle parking and lock?
A: If you wish to bring a bicycle, go for it! Samsaraland is big and bicycles are fun! But make sure to bring your own lock, make your own judgement of safe space to park, and maybe also bring a helmet.

Q: Drones allowed?
A: Quite strict regulations hover above the drones worldwide, so also in Hungary. Therefore, please leave your flying cameras at home.

Q: What the ticket price include?
A: Any ticket you bought will include free camping with your tent within the festival area, as well as free participation in all programs.

Q:Groceries? Supermarket?
A: Yes, yes.

Q: Can I change the name of my ticket since I can't attend? Transfers & Personalisation.
A: The last valid requestes are up until the 31st of July. Please visit Paylogic to personalise and/or change the name of your ticket. Go here.