Info Hungary

Free Parking for CARS only in a designated area right next to the festival gate. Camping and caravans are not allowed in the free parking zone.

3 seperate paid parking options onsite:
Zone 1- 2- 3 ranging from 35€ 45€ 55€ respectively.
You will receive your parking tag at the Töreki Vendeglö (Pub) when you are receiving your wristband. Make sure to have your phone number, name and license plate number ready.

Zone 1 is located at the top field, right before the entrance. Close enough to the forest camping site, but far enough from noise so you can enjoy a more quiet camping area.
Zone 2 is located on the second field, closer to the forest camping site. It will serve to be close to your tent.
Zone 3  Parking entry by our S Lake is on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to reject requests for this parking zone once it's full.

(!) Your paid parking ticket will serve for one entry only. If you want to re-enter with your car, you will have to repurchase the ticket for double the price.  Please understand that this is in effort to minimise traffic. If you will need your car regularly, then free parking is the space for you.

No campfires allowed on any of the parking zones.

Dharma Tokens
The dharma menza and bars, will be accepting dharma tokens only. to change from other currencies to dharma, you will find our token shop right next to the Dharma menza.
In Dharma we trust.

Rent a cottage

If you are coming without your proper camping equipment, you will have the option to rent a cottage from our friends at Mobile Lodging. This special cottage offers accommodation for 4 people per room, or 8 people a cottage. The base is a wooden floor for 9m2, biggest height is 2 meters. You will have mattresses, locks, light and sockets in the cottage. For more info please reach out to

New operations & logistics team will turn those chaotic arrival days into smooth landings and all program info will be available in time

Children’s playground is back with many exciting programs

Improved toilet system. One big super clean flushing WC Heaven in the middle, bio toilets near camping areas and additional mobile toilets near the stages and at Stellar Trance It Stage. New subcontractor companies guaranteeing everyday cleaning.

Located in the Market street, many shops will be selling many different things. With that, many different payment options: Cash in Euro or Huf and Card are viable options.
New Festival Gate
Make sure to refresh your google map this year. The way to the festival gate is different than the years before. Through our cooperation with the Töreki locals, we have set the ticketing point at the Töreki Vendeglö (Pub). This will be your first stop to receive your wristband and parking tag. If you are coming by foot, then our shuttle bus will be waiting for you at the Töreki Train Station to drop you at the ticketing point, and then continue the journey to the designated walking entrance to the Festival Gate

Foods & Drinks

With Dharma Nonprofit Foundation as the new owner of Samsara, we have also introduced our own Dharma Menza, a cooperative between Samsara and the Töreki community. With fresh and organic, locally produced products, the kitchen will serve mainly vegetarian dishes, but for those who crave their protein in the form of meat, there will be options available as well. The Dharma Menza will be replacing all restaurants from previous years. With this, we are making an attempt to provide good and nutritious food for a lower price than in the past years.  

This year we will also provide a common kitchen area, the Dharma Community Kitchen, in which you will be able to prepare and cook anything you brought with you to the festival area, or purchased onsite in our supermarket. We kindly ask you to use the common kitchen responsibly and with precaution, as there will be both children and pets in the festival area, and we want everyone to enjoy a safe and accident-free event. It is also of importance to note that anyone who wishes to use the common kitchen must bring their own appliances (pots/pans etc) and everyone is kindly asked to respect each other and the space by cleaning up after usage. Remember to make use of the FREE garbage bag that you received upon arrival.

If you forgot to bring your own cutlery to the festival, make sure to pass by the cutlery shop where you can purchase biodegradable cutlery for 2€. The cutlery shop is located near the menza.

Three bars will be operating in different locations on the festival. Please remember to bring your own cup. If you forget, there will be an option to buy a cup which you can purchase for 2€. These cups are reusable. Please help us keep a clean festival site and do not leave your cups laying around.

Coffee and Tea will be served at the tea garden. Perfect spot for some down time and some shade. A selection of tea and coffee will be available to help you enjoy the garden.

Fresh smoothies and juices will be available and prepared on request, with the ingredients of your own choosing 

Another cooperation with Töreki Locals! We have set up a small grocery store with friendly prices to help you cook your own meals.

Three different water points will be located on the festival area. Please make use of the available maps and signs to locate the one nearest to you.