Rules & Infos

Please read thoroughly

- Töreki Vendeglö (PUB) is your first stop to receive your Wristband and Parking Tags. Arriving to the gate without them will only force you to go back.
- Food and Drinks and the Supermarket only accept Dharma Tokens,
- Dharma tokens can be purchased by cash (Huf, Euro) or credit card.
-Parking tags and all other shops only accept cash. Make sure to bring enough with you.
- Please respect the parking spaces and do not park your car in a dorky way. Make sure to have your phone number available on your windshield.
- Cooking only allowed in the community kitchen area. Clean up after you're done using your space.
- Be nice to one another and be a helping hand.
- Do not try to resolve big problems, instead you can reach out to one of the organisers.
- Make sure your four legged friend is on a leash, and remember that there are many other animals on our 40 acres. Make sure they get some shade and water, they are welcome under your responsibility.
- Do not feed the animals of Dharma, they are under specific diets and random snacks could upset them.
- Make sure to look after your small ones around the lake.
- It will be very hot during the festival, make sure to stay hydrated and...maybe bring a hat?
- Be kind to you camping neighbours, get to know one another and look out for each other.
- Make sure you exit with your vehicle through the exit nearest to you, we do not want to create car traffic in the middle of the festival.
- Please remember that tenting is forbidden on the free parking grounds. If you do so you do it is at your own risk.
- There will be designated parking areas in zones 1, 2 & 3, please follow the instructions given by our crew to minimise traffic.
- Gate opens at 11:00 am on Saturday the 3rd of August.
- Names on passes can be changed once, requests up until the 31st of July can be processed through Hadra. For name changes/ Personalising your ticket, go here.
- Damaged wristbands are not valid.
- The organisers do not take responsibility for changing or cancelling any part or entire program due to severe weather conditions, orders by authorities, or any factors beyond our control.
-If you leave the designated roads, you do so at your own risk.
- Camping inside festival is only allowed in the marked areas, elsewhere you camp will not be tolerated.
(!) Making fire anywhere other than on the community kitchen grounds is forbidden (!)
- All the laws of Hungary apply and are valid on the territory of the festival.
- We reserve the right to change the program of the festival.
- You will be able to bring to your own food, make sure to minimise plastic and canned packaging. We are aiming for a zero waste festival, help us achieve our goal.