First Edition:

Spiralis First Edition: Conception
Samsaraland, Hungary 
15-18 Aug 2022

feat. Land Art Finissage
Tilos Forest Carneval
Dharma Yoga Garden
Chillwood Main Stage
Stellar Hide&Trance It
Samsara Memories

Instead of buying tickets, visitors need to register
for a year long membership through donation
to Dharma Nonprofit Foundation.
2022 memberships soon on Early Bird
presale for 122 €: at www.hadra.net
(at gate price 158€) - valid all 2022 events
excl. On Tour Edition in Peru&Brazil

Presale Schedule:
Presale first phase until 30 November 2021 (limited)
1680 € - incl On Tour Edition Peru & Brazil
122 € - excl On Tour Edition Peru & Brazil
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Lotus Shop József körút 83, Budapest

Hidden Orchestra, Acid Pauli, Asura, Field Rotation, Kora,
Infected Mushroom Live Band, Suduaya, Electric Universe, Hang Massive,
Oxidaksi, Dheeva, Tripswitch, Deep Forest, I.M.D., The Spy from Kairo, Gaudium,
Stefan Torto, Operentzia, Nameless City, Sonica, Aythar, Martin Nonstatic,
Dj Sanyi, Lisa, Adam Salman, Lepque, Madd Max, Djantrix, Zin, Pollyfonika,
Nukleall (to be continued)

Since ancient times, spirals have represented the journey of life.
In nature, they are emblematic of progress and possible growth.
They are part of our very essence — from fingerprints to the galaxy we live in.
There is a mysterious power in the shape of the spiral.
To some, they represent new life, and the potential for growth without limitation.
To others, they represent chaos, a turbulent descent into madness.
Upward spirals help us generate needed momentum in the face
of life’s non-linear path, bringing us to a whole new level of spirituality
through redirecting our entire energy flow.

yoga, workshops, Music
Seances, lectures and workshops followed by over 140 music artists and DJs
on Chillwood (main), Stellar Hide&Trance It and Tilos Forest Carneval stages
hidden deep into our 40 acres of private forest surrounding
the fantasy village of Samsaraland in Hungary.

Kids & Dogs
Registered Kids under 12 with parents: Free
Dogs: so welcome.

Hygiene, Waste & Assist
Easy access toilets for our disabled visitors and your personal assistant /
helping friend gets a free ticket at the gate.

Please help us to keep the festival area as clean as nature is.
Please don't bring any disposable material into Samsaraland that shows up later as waste.
Our food shops and bars operate without providing plates and glasses so
please bring your own plate, mug, cutlery, water bottle.
However, if you forgot you can still buy these at Info Point.
Please help us collecting trash into your own FREE trash bag
that will be received upon arrival.
At exit points there will be trash collecting containers available.
Big thank you in advance for the cooperation.

Camping, parking
Free camping inside the festival area with tent.
Free parking at festival gate.
Caravan and car tickets for taking a caravan/van/car into festival area
cost 35-45- 55 € depending on availability in our 3 parking zones.

TIckets = Membership
Instead of tickets we have 2021 memberships with free access to
ALL Samsara events and yoga retreats worldwide during entire 2022,
including Samsara 6th On Tour Edition in Peru&Brazil and
Spiralis First Edition 15-18 August 2022
Contact our authorized ambassadors
for discounted prices:
Dominika Dwernicka
Fanni Zsofia Kovacs

Dharma Nonprofit Foundation is the organiser of Spiralis and the new
international production team is led by Fanni Zsofia Kovacs and Janis WorldBridger.

Gabriella Berecz as lineup director is backed up by
Florentina Djane Lissza on Stellar Hide&Trance It Stage,
Adam Salman and Kinga Kovacs on Tilos Forest Stage.
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