Zero Waste Program

We do not produce trash!

- There will be no garbage bins or trash bags inside the festival. Everyone is responsible for their own trash, so please bring only food and drinks in reusable packaging, since you need to take home all your trash. The only waste you can leave behind is the organic kind. 

- Bring your own plate, cutlery, mug and water bottle, since food vendors will not have any of these. 

- Everything that is compostable goes in the compost bins. Paper cups, used napkins, coffee grounds, tree leaves, leftover food, etc. Please do not throw any plastic, metal or glass here!

- Try to order as much as you can eat. If you miscalculated your appetite, handle the leftovers in the following order: put it away for eating later, offer it to someone else, give it to a dog, and only then put it in the compost. 

- Biodegradable plastic cannot be composted on site, so please do not bring any kind of biodegradable plastic (PLA, or corn starch plastic)

- All water from the showers and dishwashing sinks drains into the soil. Please use only biodegradable soap and other cleaning agents and cosmetics (deodorants, sunscreens, skin moisturizers). Please don’t use shower gels or any non-biodegradable agent, this will poison the beautiful nature around you. You can buy biodegradable soap and toothpaste in large supermarkets, or use soda bicarbonate on your toothbrush, olive oil for your skin and lemon juice as deodorant.

- If you have small babies, please bring washable nappies/diapers and cloth wipes for the festival. There will be no place to deposit single-use nappies or wet wipes. 

- Smokers! Please under no circumstances throw your cigarette butts on the ground. A single butt can poison 50 litres of water! You can get your portable ashtrays at the Zero Waste Information tent opposite Tilos Stage. If you use biodegradable filters, you can empty your ashtray into the composting bins, if you have regular filters, please take them home and deposit them in the general trash. 

We attempt to minimize our carbon footprint!

At any festival, the largest impact on the environment is caused by the travel and transport related emissions of the participants and artists. Try to lower your environmental footprint by using public transport to arrive, or sharing a car as many as you can. You can also try purchasing food produced locally, avoiding exotic (tropical, overseas) items that already caused huge emissions by travelling from far away. Attempt to eat less meat. Production of meat is one of the largest contributors to current greenhouse gas levels, you can do your part by opting for a vegetarian or vegan diet during the festival

Practical tips

- Prepare your Zero Waste Survival Kit at home! Take a strong cloth bag or small backpack, and pack a soup plate, cutlery, mug or pint glass, water bottle, biodegradable soap and hygiene products

- It will be hot, so be sure not to forget your water bottle. A real zero waste solution is to reuse your empty wine bottle at home: tie a string to the cork so you won’t lose it, and pull the bottle into a used sock or thin fabric sleeve against breaking. A shoulder strap fixed to the bottle neck let’s you carry it hands-free around. (If you need help, there will be water bottle workshops at the Zero Waste Info tent. You will be able to refill your bottle any time at various points at the festival with filtered, potable water. We do not recommend reusing plastic water bottles for health reasons, and you will not be allowed to bring in mineral water in plastic (PET) bottles.

- Beer! It is a music festival, so all sorts of drinks are consumed. We recommend you buy your favourite alcoholic beverage at our community bar in your own cup, but if you need to bring in your own beer, please buy bottled, and not canned beer. You can take the empty beer bottles back to the same shop where you purchased them and get your deposit back. The bottles of other drinks (wine, spirits, etc.) can also be returned or placed in selective glass containers on the way home.

- When buying groceries, small single-use plastic bags for veggies and fruit can be avoided if you put them in paper bags found at the bakery section, or don’t use any bags, just pack everything out on the counter bare, and pack it straight into your backpack or shopping bag.

- You will be able to purchase all kinds of packaging-free products in our community store, but if you decide to buy food before the festival, prepare for shopping with resealable plastic containers, empty tins or glass jars. If a certain food cannot be purchased packaging free or with biodegradable packaging, then later you can place the contents into your container and discard the packaging in the proper selective bin.

- PET bottles, aluminum cans and plastic packaging account for the largest part of campsite waste at Samsara, so if you don’t want to carry too much trash back home, it could be effective to focus on these three. 

If you want to know more about zero waste issues during festivals or at home, you can find our partner organization Rendezöldj! near the Tilos Stage at the Zero Waste Info Tent. They are a local NGO dedicated to help design and implement zero waste festivals all around Europe.